Presidents’ Message

I Care, Inc. periodically updates this page with a letter from O. Ray Williams, D. D.; President with a report of the activities, ministry and travels of the staff and Directors of the ministry. We hope you are blessed and lifted by the insights and inspiration.

Jan. 29, 2014

What we expect from the future governs how we think. It either brings strength or fear to the way we live. If we have no hope for tomorrow, we won’t even have the courage to face today. American law enforcement is saying that violence in our cities owes to mental illness, and that the high rate of suicide is because so many people see no hope in their future. Their outlook is darkness.

The hallmark of the Believer has always been just the opposite.  “Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy Word.” “Rejoicing in hope,  patient in tribulation.” “The Lord takes pleasure in them that fear Him, in those that hope in His mercy.” “Now, the God of hope fill you with joy and peace in believing that you may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.” When there is hope, the desperation is gone. It is the character of a Christian, not to ignore his surroundings, but to know that no matter what happens, he is a survivor and a conqueror.

Last week in Mexico City I spent Saturday with 120 university students, who for eight hours worshipped with great joy, gave phenomenal testimonies of mercy, healing and miraculous protection and provision. For hours they were like hungry little birds, open mouthed and open hearted. By the end of the day, they were on their faces before God shedding humble and grateful tears to be so honored as to be called to serve and to bring life to the world in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Commitment was real and total.

In ten days I preached ten times in Churches large and small, incredibly cerebral, middle class working families, and in an Indigenous community in the state of Morelos, far from the great city. Everywhere there was immense and genuine hunger for God and an incredible anointing and inspiration to teach and to learn. A new generation is emerging that gives me hope; a hope that is leaning forward with joyful expectancy.

February, March and April have full calendars. It is a good thing that we have neither plans nor desire for retirement. Hope, expectation and vision create energy and fuel to labor on with joy and thanks giving. We never become weary of saying thank you, and we hope you never become weary of hearing it.

Your friendship and love are lifting to us. We are blessed to serve.

Ray and Carol Williams

January 6, 2014

Just before Christmas,  Carol and I were in Mexicali with the Church we planted, together with Pastor Ruben and Hilda about 14 years ago. Pastor Ruben died last April. Ruben Junior and Hilda have very capably taken the reins of that congregation and are providing very good leadership. We are there three or four times a year. In the first few years I did a leadership session every month. When Pastor Ruben passed on, 14 of the men who began with us were still in leadership positions. I have come to believe that God somehow honors faithfulness above all things.

Carol and I flew to Washington and had a wonderful time with our daughters and their families in the days just before and after Christmas. We are so blessed. They are beautiful girls with incredible compassion and generosity.

It seems like I was just in Mexico City. I preached 10 times in 10 days, did 3 sessions for 70 Pastors, and traveled 4,000 miles. But 3 months have gone by. I will fly to Mexico City again on Saturday. The anniversary of a Church is a big event in the Mexican culture. For 29 years, the 2nd week of January, I have been honored to minister the anniversary services of the Church we planted together with Pastor Cesar immediately after the earthquake that killed 30,000 people in that City. I’m never quite able to comprehend what God has done among them, and the several daughter Churches they have planted. Some of the Pastors were small children in the first Church. Their love for each other and their worship toward God is beautiful.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity to us. You bless us immensely. We are so grateful for the trust with which you continue to honor us.  May God repay that in the ways that only He can.

Blessings, grace and mercy be unto you.    May 2014 be filled with delights and unending joy for you and your family.   Ray Williams

September 4, 2013

How fascinating and different the world we live in. Good morning from Jiffy Lube in Yuma! The beautiful truck donated by Dr. Paul and Gayle Dean 11 years ago is being serviced. It is still strong and faithful (and well cared for). Carol exhibits the same characteristics after fifty years of marriage; “Beautiful, strong, faithful.”

How people can become bored with life is beyond my understanding. Every day offers new joy and excitement. On Friday night I preached an open air service at a Church plant in the state of Sonora. After a great service, we sat at the pizzeria teaching and discipling Leaders deep into the night.

The week  before, in Salt Lake City, I was honored to minister the three day celebration marking the 13th anniversary of Centro de Avivamiento. Thirteen years ago, we ordained Pastor Bernardo, and helped he and Nubia plant the congregation that has become a beautiful beacon in the West Valley of Salt Lake. The response to the Saturday night challenge to commitment brought me to the tears of a proud father. 100 or more hungry hearts open and yielded to God’s calling.

The next few weeks will allow us to once again serve a few hundred people on the Baja Peninsula who need attention to their visual needs. 200-300 will go home with prescription glasses, and several who enter the hospital blinded by cataracts will see well enough to get a driver’s license.  Carol will soon go to Mexico City with me to minister 4 sessions to Pastors and many services in the local Churches we have helped to plant.  We also just put on the calendar a commitment to minister to almost 1,000 ladies from the 6 daughter Churches of a congregation we planted in Mexicali in the 1980s.

Today we received a load of 42,000 lbs. of food in our warehouse, through the generous networking of several groups. That food will likely fly out the door almost as quickly as it comes in, and answer the prayers of many praying mothers and fathers. The missionaries who came to help unload, also took away a good bit of medical supplies and equipment for the people they serve, shepherd and care for.

It is such an honor to be in a position to serve the Body of Christ, and to lift the burdens of people who need a word of encouragement, or an opportunity to be helpful and show the God’s love to someone else. We never become weary of saying “Thank you” for helping us to walk through the doors that are open to us. I cannot imagine doing anything else with our lives. Because your generosity makes it possible, both temporal and eternal reward is posted to your account.

We are honored to be called servants and builders of the Kingdom. 

Ray & Carol Williams

May 17, 2013

We have spent most of the last couple of months in Mexico. Carol and I were in Mexico City for 12 days in late March and early April. Her health and strength has improved a lot. I was really grateful for her ability to travel. She only missed one of the services. She brought a beautiful message to a group of ladies on a Saturday morning. There were almost 80 women who were first time visitors. Many of them stepped forward to acknowledge their new found belief in the finished work of Christ.

The “Mother Church” in Mexico City has grown immensely. There are six daughter churches now. On Easter Sunday the Pastor baptized many new believers. Through the years they have baptized almost 1,000 new believers in that Church. Most of the leaders and elders now were babies in the arms at the dedication service of the Church sanctuary many years ago.

In April, together with CALO, Fundación Codett and Hospital El Buen Pastor, we took a volunteer medical team to the city of San Quintín, on the Baja Peninsula to do an eye clinic. Two of the optometrists were from Colorado, and two were from Tijuana. They examined, prescribed, fitted and gifted 245 people with eyeglasses. There is now an inventory of about 4,000 pairs. 80 to 90% of the people who come can be fitted. Many of the patients are small Indian people from the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas who have come to labor in the vegetable farms. The salt air, dust and wind are damaging to the eyes of field workers. The unity and the love of the entire team was so sweet to watch.

Two Sundays ago I officiated the memorial service for Pastor Ruben Dominguez, with whom we planted La Casa Del Senor in Mexicali 16 years ago. He passed away of a heart attack just before the 16th anniversary of the Church. What a precious, faithful man! We had witnessed a powerful transformation in his life. I knew him before he knew Christ. He was an important figure in the Mexican Federal Government, and walked away from that career to be a servant to the Body of Christ. In the early years of that Church I did leadership training for them every month. At the memorial service I asked the men who faithfully attended those training sessions to join me to install the new Pastor. Thirteen men who had stayed through all 16 years came to stand with me and bless the man we had anointed to be their new Pastor. They humbled me with their request; “Pastor Ray, we would like for you to make the same covenant with us that you had with Pastor Ruben; ‘Until death do us part!” Through my tears I said; “We are yours as long as you want us to serve with you.”

On Mother’s Day (May 10 in Mexico) Carol and I each taught a session and served lunch to the ladies of Church David and Iracela Power are planting in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora. It was sweet and really anointed. The young mothers were like hungry little birds. It is so much fun to minister to people who really want to learn and grow. The next night, same congregation, I ministered a “Quinceanera” for the Pastor’s beautiful daughter, celebrating her 15th birthday. About 150 people shared the joy, and a great dinner.

The annual Cosecha Banquet was held last night at Arizona Western College, where students are recognized and honored who had no chance to succeed two years ago, either due to lifestyle, poverty or lack of ability, but have found redemption and hope; and are now both graduating and receiving scholarships to a 4 year university. For the 12th year in a row I was invited to pray at that banquet over the students, faculty and donors of that program. There were 400 people in the room, and the tab was picked up by a local attorney who is a product of La Cosecha Program at AWC. When the program started, the Founding Director and his wife were members of the Church Carol and I were planting here in Yuma.

The faithfulness of people who love and trust us has allowed Carol and I to be a part of a world changing, sometimes battlefront and sometimes victory parade which has lasted since we were sent out to be full time servants in 1966. That is 47 years of faithfulness on the part of God and of God’s people. We have no plans or thoughts to quit or retire. No one has ever had a job that was more fun.

We have not been in Europe or on the African Continent for a couple of years, but we do stay in close contact with some of our dear friends and disciples there. The young men and women we have trained and sent out over the years have planted more than 700 churches on five continents, and created schools, hospitals and feeding ministries all over the globe. I always feel like I’ve never really had a job in my life, and that I just get to show up and watch the incredible things God is doing.

We love you. Thank you a 1000 times. Ray Williams

O. Ray Williams, D. D. Pres.

February 6, 2011

Life has not slowed down a bit since our last letter. The Christmas celebrations, the food and toy distributions, and the veterinary clinics in Mexico were a ton of fun, and a clear demonstration of how deeply God’s people care for others in need.

 How does a man find his identity? The typical American male seems to identify himself, and find his sense of security either by what he does for a living, or by the things that he owns. When Uzziah became King of Judah he immediately changed the culture of personal identity. 2nd Chronicles 26:5 says of him; “And as long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper.” When John the Baptist was the most famous man in Israel , he saw Jesus and immediately made a decision; “He must increase, and I must decrease.” Jn. 3:30  Those two Scriptures were on my first two business cards in the 1960s. They still hold me accountable today. My identity, and therefore my security, can only be found in what I believe about God.

 Carol and I spent Christmas week on the Kitsap Peninsula of western Washingtonwith our daughters and their families. They are still beautiful, still sweet and still generous.

 The second week of January I ministered the 25th anniversary services of Centro de Convivencia Cristiana in Mexico City . The tiny Church plant in 1986 has become the mother of several congregations in Central Mexico . I spend several weeks each year in Mexico City , and it is occurring to me that we may not be able to grow leadership at the same pace at which the Churches are growing. But, we’ll never stop trying. Wisdom, talent, teaching and abundant joy have become the trademarks of those beautiful congregations.

 Since Feb. 1 we have distributed from the warehouse many tons of food, building materials, and a couple of truckloads of medical and hospital equipment, including a load Carol and I took to Nogales this week. (When we arrived in Nogales we discovered that my machete was still sitting peacefully on top of the pickup roof, where I had laid it two days and 315 miles before. How could it stay there at 70 mph?) We are so grateful to be a conduit of things that make other people’s work and ministry more effective. And we are so very grateful for those who are generous and allow us to serve.

 In October I said to you that we would have to sell the airplane because of the cost of owning and maintaining it. After placing a national ad, one of the first five phone calls was from an incredibly loving and generous gentleman who said; “Allow me to pay your hangar rent for the next several months. Hopefully you can keep the plane and continue to use it. What you do with that plane is important to a lot of people.” He did that. May God bless his generosity! Beginning March 1 we will need to resume paying that rent.  

 February and March are filled with activity and ministry. In April Carol and I will be back in Mexico City for ten days of teaching, including Easter Week. The month of May will include another optometry clinic in Baja…. And every day between now and then will present another opportunity to become who God has called us to be.

 May Heaven smile upon your day, may your table be filled with delights, and may your happy heart overflow with love toward the people around you.

 We are honored to serve,

O. Ray Williams, D. D. Pres.

I Care, inc.

Dec. 4, 2010

 “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” Lu. 15:31 You recognize those words from the parable of the Prodigal Son, but it is really the message of Christmas. The wayward son came home and opened the gift from the Father, and entered into abundant life. The older son had the gift all along and had never bothered to open it. Let us not miss the message of Christmas. The gift is for all… may we all remove the wrappings, look inside, and find the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory that the Father has placed there for those who accept the gift.

 Blessing in abundance and grace from Heaven rest upon your day.

 The last days of October and the first few of November we spent in Mexico City , that amazing, huge metropolis, 7,000 feet above sea level, and 17 degrees above the equator. We were there to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Church in Chalco, and the 50th anniversary of Pastor Cesar Rodriguez’ very fruitful pastoral ministry. The people of Chalco know how to throw party! While we were there that Church birthed a new congregation in their city, which will be pastored by one of their own disciples, an Iranian who was led to Jesus by Mike and Barbara Webb, on an airplane five years ago. Both Sundays there were 600 people in the Church in Chalco and also in Mexico City . During the week there were 120-150 in the leadership training sessions. We will be there again in January for the 26th anniversary of the Cuitlahuac congregation.

 After Mexico City I was home five days before traveling to Madrid , Spain to be a part of the ministry team and the “Multi-national Transformational Conference” in what may be the most beautiful city on Earth. Over the four days of the conference there were 100s of Christian leaders from 9 countries and 4 continents. The teaching, as well as the anointing of the Holy Spirit was amazing and fascinating. The closing services, ministered by Pastor David Goh (ethnic Chinese born in India , pastoring in the U. S. ) and Pastor Manolo Espejo, (former communist – now denominational superintendent in Andalusia Province of Spain) …. A transforming and powerfully charged moment in history that many of the participants had never experienced. None of us will ever be the same.

 One of the East African Pastors who attended the conference in Madrid quickly organized a convocation in his city and promoted it by radio. On Monday and Tuesday of this week hundreds of Christian, civic, educational and even Islamic Leaders gathered for a leadership conference. He sent some powerful stories of the reconciliation and redemption that took place among the participants. It is what we have been praying for many years. He has asked that we take the conference to East Africa en 2011.

 My laptop and passport were stolen the day I left Madrid . Both have since been replaced, but I am now quite far behind in the preparation of December ministries and activities. There will be many Christmas activities, of course, and on the 15th of this month, veterinarians will come from all of the U. S. to do small animal clinics in the state of Sonora , as a gift to the cities of San Luis and El Golfo. The cities witness the love of Christ through these wonderful and generous people. The health and economic benefits are beyond being measured.

 Carol and I will spend Christmas with our two beautiful daughters and their families in the state of Washington .

 May God watch over you and pour upon you the riches of His love, joy, health, power and revelation.

 With tons of love and gratitude for allowing us to be a part of the unfolding of the plan and Kingdom of God ….

 O. Ray Williams

 p.s. We have cancelled the home phone # we have had for the last 34 years. Please remove 928.7831124 from your records. We will keep our cell phones only

 October 3, 2010

 “Thou hast granted me life and favor… and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit.” Job 10:12   Because mercies are new every morning, it is easy to sense the visitation of God into our lives every day. Pain? Yes. Frustrations? Of course! Discouraging days? Frequently:   But “the visitation from Heaven” preserves our strength and renews our joy.

 The September medical clinics literally gave sight to people who would never in their lifetime have been able to afford that help. We were honored to fly some valuable equipment to the hospital in Baja. The hospital in Sonora was able to open to the public because of the 26 hospital beds we delivered. We have 10 more waiting to be delivered. On the 15th of this month I will fly Pedro Eduardo to receive the fourth of 7 or 8 life changing facial reconstruction surgeries. He is becoming a handsome young man, with a sweet and grateful attitude.

 That may be our final medical flight. I have put the airplane on the market for sale. The cost of hangar, maintenance and insurance has become more than our much diminished income allows. Do old men cry? Even more as they get older.

 Oct. 22 to Nov. 2 we will minister in Mexico City as Pastor Cesar celebrates his 50th year of pastoral ministry, and Centro Cristiano celebrates its 25th anniversary. What an impact they have made on that 20 million people city! The Kingdom is alive.

 On Nov. 8 we will fly to Madrid , Spain to minister the Transformation of The Nations” Conference. What an honor to serve with such a godly and anointed team! Can we afford all that? We can’t even pay our phone and cable bill. But faith and faithful people have worked for us full time since November 1966. Surely that won’t fail now.

 Thank you for thrusting us into the front of the battle for souls, cultures and redemption. Everything is credited to the account of those who sacrifice to keep servants and soldiers in their appointed places before God and before the world. 

 Ray Williams

August 11, 2010

 A reporter asked; “What is the favorite part of your job?” That’s difficult, only because I find it challenging to think of anything we do that is not a delight. I responded with a statement I made to you last month: “I’m not sure what I do is a job… it is more of a calling, a gift, and a privilege. I don’t have a ‘place of employment’, and I usually don’t get paid for it. My favorite part is the people. I work with the most wonderful people on earth, and even when I have to deal with grumpy people, I thoroughly enjoy their confusion when I refuse to grump back at them.”

Sitting beside a young pastor or missionary in a vehicle or an airplane, or across the table is probably the greatest joy of the job. It is called discipling. It works a lot better ‘along the way’ than in the class room. To see them understand God’s timing for the first time; or to see them walk into a spirit of revelation and understanding makes every day Christmas to me.

Pastor Ruben’s Bible College inaugural banquet last Friday night was the start of what I believe will eventually become a Christian University in Mexicali . A good number of pastors and leaders were present to express support for the concept and kickoff. I was honored to speak and cast the vision. May it produce many high quality Christian Servant Leaders in that city of 2 million people.

 Between now and mid-November we will minister in some Churches of Baja, participate in two medical clinics in that same state, minister another conference in Mexico City, and delight in ministering the “Transformation of the Nations Conference” in Madrid, Spain. We will also continue to distribute tons of food and building supplies and hospital equipment from the warehouse.

 Your love, your prayers and your giving keep doors open, favor flowing, and enough strength, health and anointing to stay young and happy. Thank you!! May the joy of Jesus fill your life today.

 O. Ray Williams, D. D. , Pres.

I CARE, inc.

July 26, 2010

 “I’m headed for Spain, and expect to stop off on the way to enjoy a good visit with you, and eventually have you send me off with God’s blessings.” Rom. 15:24   Some dreams are never fulfilled. The Apostle Paul apparently never got to Spain. We will have to go in his place.

  Spain has always been one of my favorite countries. It had been a dozen years since I had preached in that beautiful land. The generosity and the company of Ed Kennedy made this trip possible, and enjoyable.

 This time Spain was very different. Since my last visit 4 million people have immigrated to Spain from other countries of Europe and the African continent. The Euro is now the required currency. The Spanish Peseta is history. Hungry hearts and open doors are the norm; but mostly among the immigrant community. The Romanians alone have planted 110 or more Churches in Spain in the last 12 years.

 We will be back in Madrid in November, with a team, Lord willing, to minister the Transformation of the Nations Conference. It will be hosted in a Romanian Church .

 Carol and I have just returned from Salt Lake City . The Church we helped plant there is pastored by Bernardo and Nubia Gonzalez, whom we ordained only ten years ago. They have just purchased a boxing area and retrofitted it into a gorgeous church building. There were 500 to 800 people in the Thursday through Sunday services. Two of those services lasted 4 1/2 hours, and were fun and exciting beginning to end. There is amazing anointing and worship in Salt Lake City . We will be back there in late November for the graduation services for their Bible College .

 While in Utah we had a staff meeting with Golden Spike Treatment Center staff, a division of I CARE, Inc. We have still not built on the 640 acres, but are farming 110 leased acres. The re-entry program has 22 leased apartments, a couple of shops, and an office where prisoners are being taught work skills and godly living. Richard Green oversees that ministry.

 In early September Pastor Ruben will open their new Bible College in Mexicali . They have a Church composed of pure hearted and Kingdom minded people. We are grateful to be a part of their history, and a part of their lives. We have watched them mature with great grace.

 Thank you for your help, your encouragement, and your love. All that gives us energy to go forward. We love you.

 O. Ray Williams

June 16, 2010

As Carol and I traveled in Mexico yesterday we came upon a “reten militar”, a highway blockade in which Mexican soldiers stop and inspect passing automobiles. They are looking for firearms, drugs, and other prohibited substances. At times it is an inconvenient, time consuming exercise, but I very much respect and appreciate the effort  of President Calderon of Mexico to bring order and safety to the border areas. I welcome the stops because it often affords both the opportunity to stretch our legs, but especially a moment of interaction with the young soldiers who are always courteous, and frequently curious.

The conversation was in Spanish, of course; as two soldiers approached the pickup I smiled and asked, “How’s your day going?” The serious one answered, “Hot!” I said, “I wish I could cool it down for you.” The taller and more cordial one asked; “Where do you live, Sir?” “I live in Arizona .” “Y a que se dedica Usted?”

Have you ever been asked that question? Translation: “And, to what do you dedicate yourself?”  “Son, I dedicate myself to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am a Missionary.” “Really!? And where do you work?” The serious one spoke again, this time to his partner; “Missionaries work wherever they are sent!” “Oh! Well, where have you been sent recently?”

I answered; “Well, one week ago today I returned home from Spain . I spent almost three weeks in and around Madrid , working with a group of Romanian Churches.” “Romanian? In Spain ? Are they from Rome ? Does that mean they’re Catholic?”

“No. Romanians are from Romania , in Eastern Europe . Over one million of them have immigrated to Spain . They have started about 110 Romanian speaking Churches there. They haven’t assimilated into the Spanish society and culture very well yet. We’ll go back there in November and help them learn how to affect all the elements of society around them, and attempt to allow their good influence to build the Kingdom of God in areas of government, education, TV and radio, industry and business, and in their neighborhood.”

“Sir, the people in the line behind are getting impatient. Please come back and tell us more. May I go with you when you return to Madrid in November?”

To what do you dedicate yourself? Life and godly influence happen no matter where you are, and no matter what you are doing, or to whom you are speaking.

May your day be filled with good and happy moments.

Thank you for allowing us to be one of your arms reaching into the world.



June 1, 2010

As the sun arose this morning a jack hammer at street level announced to the entire neighborhood, “Sleep time is over.” It doesn’t matter that sleep came at 2 AM . It’s time to wake up.

 Ed Kennedy and I stayed several days in Madrid , and yesterday moved out to the city of Getafe . The fourth floor flat has three tiny bedrooms and one bath. Our hosts have two teenagers. The daytime temperatures here are as hot as Yuma . The 69 stairs (no elevator) will make our legs strong (or very sore) by the time we leave in a week.

 When Romania became a full member of the European Union, there were almost no Romanians in Spain . During the last week I have ministered in several Romanian Churches in Spain . At times I have thought I am in Romania . What amazing and joyful anointing. There are now a million Romanians and 110 Romanian speaking congregations. They are beautiful, sweet and very hard working people. The economic crisis in southern Europe has hit their community very hard. They have not yet learned to assimilate into the fabric of Spanish society. Perhaps that will take an entire generation… when the second generation speaks Spanish as their first language.

 Ed and I are working toward setting schedules and details of the “Transformation of the Nations” conference, to be held in Madrid in November of this year. We are attempting to enlist and involve the maximum number of congregations. There are many and varied ethnic, cultural and language groups in this country, including African and Asian. Spain has changed immensely since I was last here in 1997.

 May the Kingdom of God be formed and expanded in this part of the world, and spread to every part of the world. We appreciate your prayers for favor and safety.

O. Ray Williams, Pres.

I CARE, Inc.

 April 27, 2010

 There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All this is the beginning of birth pains. ….And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations…. Matt. 24: 7-8, 14

 Easter Sunday afternoon in Baja California and Sonora , Mexico was an amazing moment. The Richter Scale said 7.2. The clock said it lasted 89 seconds. I called from Mexico City to check on our Pastor friends in the earthquake region. One said; “The ground has stopped shaking, but we haven’t!” The ground has not really stopped shaking. In 21 days there have been at least 2,200 aftershocks, some as strong as 5.5. 100 aftershocks a day.

 “Pastor, is this mercy, or judgment?”  Good question! Over 5,000 homes in the south end of the Mexicali Valley are destroyed or rendered uninhabitable. The first two churches I visited in the Valley after returning from Mexico City had been destroyed, together with two pastor’s homes. But; It happened at the only moment of the year in which most of the homes in the area were empty. Half the population was either at the beach communities, where there was no damage, or outside celebrating Easter with their families. It was a Sunday, when offices, schools and most businesses were closed. Tens of thousands of people are living in tents in their yards; some in parks; some in fields. Only four people died. What incredible mercy! God was not saying; “Take that!” He was saying; “I’m here, are you listening? I’m willing to help.”

 This is an opportunity for the Body of Christ, both in Mexico and in the U. S. to be a part of that mercy. The Mexican Churches and the Mexican government have already been incredibly merciful, generous and compassionate. The Churches of Mexico City sent gifts and offerings to help. The Church where I preached in Mexicali on Sunday raised a special offering. We have taken truck loads of food, water, medicines, hygiene items, and will continue to do that throughout the summer. The need will not go away when the news media leaves. We will be rebuilding homes, churches, lives, faith, and confidence for a long time. There is an unprecedented openness toward God, toward the Gospel, and toward the Church. This is a painful, tearful, and joyful and grateful moment.

 In recent days we have once again been part of the amazing, and powerfully anointed move of God in Mexico City ; Been able to serve the hospitals and medical clinics in Sonora and Baja, and have many loads of medical and surgical items yet to deliver.

 We do what we do because you identify with us and say; “We trust you! Don’t quit!” Thank you for your support, and for your prayers. We need both of those to survive.

 We are honored to serve and to be your companions in love and compassion.

 O. Ray Williams, Pres.

I CARE, Inc.

February 8, 2010

 Is it O K to live your dream? How do you measure fulfillment? Maybe smiling a lot and answering “How are you?” with “I’m doin’ wonderful” is a little bit of the answer. It’s almost embarrassing to wonder if I have a real job, or if I’ve ever had a real job. Even in its most painful and difficult moments, life is such an amazing gift.

             If life were counted in miles, it would be abundant. If it were counted in smiles, it would be even more abundant. If in times preached, or prayers for somebody who says, “I need your help;” the number cannot be counted. Since September, when I wrote my last letter to you, I cannot even begin to tell the adventures, blessings, miracles, joys, and even the pains.

  • Two trips to Mexico City to minister leadership conferences have allowed me to see a level of maturity and generosity in the Churches that I thought would only be a lifetime dream. And the numerical growth! Wow!
  • In November, in Mexicali , we witnessed an unfolding of understanding of theKingdom of God , and the transformation of political men and women to a degree never before seen in Mexico . The future has been changed.
  • The opportunity to serve alongside some of the most fun and pure hearted people on earth in medical and small animal clinics in October and December left my heart dancing.
  • Preaching in several Churches in northern Mexico and in Arizona for Pastors who were little kids in our early Churches, and now men and women of great grace and wisdom has made me wonder if it is fair for one man to be so blessed.

 Your love, prayers, generosity and encouragement have allowed Carol and I to live a level of favor, effectiveness and accomplishment that still seems like living in a dream. We are so blessed, and so grateful. We still pray each day for the needs of that day, and often we don’t see provision the day we think it’s needed, but we do see the faithfulness of God, and the love of His people. Thank you!

 O. Ray Williams, President

I Care, Inc.


May your day be graced with the favor of Heaven and the joy of Jesus.

We never tire of telling you how grateful we are. You have been instruments in God’s hand to keep us in the midst of the battle for the soul of this global village in which we live. It is exciting and energizing to be a part of the Kingdom forces that are changing the world, one life at a time. At times I still feel the energy and vision of my youth.

At the bottom of this letter I have printed a letter I just wrote at the request of the Director of Bread For The Children in Nogales. Our trailer is partially loaded for another trip to deliver food and medical supplies for their ministries. We will do that as soon as we are able to complete the load (2 or more tons).

The coming weeks will take us to minister in Mexico City, Mexicali, San Luis, El Golfo, and even Yuma. Doors are open and requests for ministry never seem to diminish. In mid October we will make another flight to the west side of the Baja Peninsula for the optometry clinic that was rescheduled from the 25th of this month.

The supply of about 200 new, double pane, tinted windows of many sizes and shapes has finally come to an end. We were able to give them to churches, missionaries and low income families at no cost. A total savings to them of at least $50,000.

Please pray with us this month for two items that require maintenance on the airplane. 

1. We can no longer fly into Mexico until we replace the old Emergency Locator Beacon with a new 406 MHz unit now required by the Mexican government ($900.00)

2. The propeller is still legally serviceable, but has reached (surpassed) its recommended time for inspection and retrofit ($3 – $4,000). 

Aircraft have been an integral and important part of the ministries of I CARE for 36 years. I am confident that God knows what to do about keeping us mobile.

We love you and give thanks for you.

Ray Williams

September 25, 2009

Saturday the 19th was a special day in Nogales, Sonora! Many families gathered at Centro Familiar Cristiano on a beautiful, cool morning. The laughter, the food and the medical attention almost made us forget the pain of the crises for a few hours.

Dr. Benjamin Diaz Curiel and his assistants generously shared medical expertise with both patients and parents. He taught an amazing and enjoyable seminar on health and hygiene; things that make life healthier and more enjoyable for the Mothers and children.

Every Mother was able to take home a good box of healthy groceries for the family. The Presidente Municipal (Mayor) sent a representative from his administration to greet the people and to express his deep appreciation for Bread For The Children and the ministries that assisted with the event. She (the Mayor’s spokesperson) made it clear that we must all be a network and share labors, vision, resource to assist the families that have been most deeply affected by the current global crises. 

Everything we do; every life we touch; and every mouth we feed is evidence of both your generosity and of the faithfulness of God toward people in need. I humbly and gladly say again that “You and I are the fingers of God toward the last, the lost, and the least. They are all important; and they are all very grateful for our efforts to feed and shepherd them through this very difficult time in their lives.”

May the smile of Heaven rest sweetly upon you and reward the favor you have shown toward our quest of serving and saving. We continue to need your help as much as ever. Thank you!

Gratefully yours,

Rev. Lucas García C., Pres.
Bread For The Children 


August 22, 2009

 Blessings and Greetings in Jesus,

 The first time the word “hand” is mentioned in the Scriptures, God is expressing the fear that man could take the Tree of Life into his hand, and forever live in the knowledge of evil. So by the hand of God man was removed from the garden because of his sin,  and given a death sentence. In Joshua 4:24, Pastor Joshua was talking to his congregation and said “I want the whole world to know the hand of God, that it is mighty; and that we might forever live in the fear (respect for) of God.” The final use of the word in Scripture ( Rev 22:10 ) says, “The time is at hand!”

 A recent email to a long time friend and supporter of I CARE, Inc., in response to a question, I said; “I have long since decided that the Kingdom of God and the economy of the Kingdom are not subject to the whims and judgments of a lost and corrupt society. The U S A is really not a major hindrance nor a major impulse in God’s plan and purpose for people. In fact, the fear, loss of liberty, (we no longer live in a free country) and corruption that have become the norm in America will drive far more people to God than freedom and democracy ever have. If the time comes when Christians are persecuted in America , then we will be able to join in, understand and have a taste of the normal Christian life that most believers in the world have always experienced.  The oppression of communism and the cruelty of Islam have pushed more people toward Jesus than freedom has. I have worked in many of those countries through the years, and have been able to see what true and happy Christianity is all about.”

 The time is at hand for the Church in America to be happy, victorious, conquering and clothed with the whole armor of God. The enemy sees the armor of God and runs in the opposite direction. Do not think I am talking about politics. I have no interest in politics. I am saying that true leadership must come from a people who know who we are in Christ and live that way, no matter what atmosphere surrounds us. Jesus said (Jn. 15:11 ) “That my joy might remain in you and that your joy might be full.” That promise is not null and void when the economy is bad, nor when national politics are counter to it. We are redeemed from the curse of the law and from vain conversation. We are redeemed into power, love and a sound mind. May we walk like it and live like it!

 This has been an amazing summer, filled with ministry in about 15 states of the U. S. and Mexico; wonderful Christian fellowship, some family and vacation time, and a growing, deep confidence that the hand of God has not forsaken his people.

 The calendar for the coming months has many times of teaching, development of leadership, and opportunity to encourage many of the Churches we have planted inMexico over the last 43 amazing years. It is difficult to believe that so much time has gone by, and that our love and passion for serving continue to grow and be refined by “the Hand” that has always protected, guided, and provided for our lives.

 In spite of an economy that has removed many missionaries from the field, the Lord has allowed us to remain in a place of service to Pastors, Missionaries, Churches, and to the community where we live. Our gratitude and sense of wonder have no bounds.

 Financial support is down at least 50%, and we have cut back as much as we can. Please keep us in your prayers that the daily fascinating miracles of provision and bill paying never come to an end.  Our response is that of  Mary Magdalene and the other Mary as they left the empty tomb: “They departed quickly with fear and great joy and did run to bring His disciples word.”

Fulfilling The Great Commission,

 O. Ray Williams, D. D. , Pres.



May 14, 2009

 “But when they were in trouble, and got serious, and decided to seek God, the God of Israel. God let Himself be found.” 2nd Chron. 15. (The Message) Much of the world is in crisis. World leaders know they need a miracle, but they don’t seem to have a clue where to look for it. The building of THE Kingdom is the only answer, and only the Body of Christ is equipped to do that.

Today is May 14! Yesterday was January 1. How did that happen? There are so many wonderful things to do, so many wonderful people to serve, and so little time to do it. We have been running all day every day since the starting flag fell on the race of 2009.

Two amazing and powerful trips to Mexico City this year have proved to me that the Gospel is alive and well in the world and the Church is exploding in growth.

A Leadership conference in San Felipe with several Pastors, Directors of their feeding center, and Leaders of 28 House Churches proved to me that our early efforts there were not in vain.

A fabulous Church anniversary service and dinner with hundreds of very happy believers proved to me that Mexicali is a candidate for the unfolding of many miracles.

Tonight I will be praying over the scholarship recipients and high achievers at ArizonaWestern College . On Monday we will take two tons of food and some building materials to Bread For The Children in Nogales , AZ and Mexico .

Next week we will have the honor of presenting a scholarship to the  son of the fisherman whose body and boat we located by air search in the Sea of Cortez in October, 2007.

 Carol spent a few weeks in Washington with our daughter, Drenda, who had a large tumor removed from her spinal column. They removed two vertebrae, grafted bone from

the hip, and inserted a steel plate. Drenda was walking the second day and went home the third. She is driving already, and after therapy will return to work. No cancer! Happylujah!

 The next couple of months will include ministry in several states of Mexico and a few in the U. S.

 We really need your prayers right now. We have more unpaid bills than we have ever had, and know several missionary families who have left the field due to diminished income. The Lord must give us perfect wisdom, and perfect provision. We are in our 43rd year of full time missions, and pray that we will never have to quit or retire. The old cowboys all dreamed of dying with their spurs on. Our dream is to labor, serve, minister, jingle our spurs and dream until God says, “That’s enough”

We will be canceling our home and office telephones, but keeping our cells and email.

Thank you for your love, trust, and faithful care for us.

O. Ray Williams, Pres.

I Care, inc.


February 24, 2009

I just looked to see when we sent you our last letter. It was written in December, and said, “On January 5 we will….” That was last year! Since then we have traveled 10,000 miles and preached dozens of times! Life is almost like living in the middle of a happy circus. When we were launched into full time missions in November 1966, we never dreamed it would be so exciting, so much fun, last so long, and make such a difference. Sometimes I think I have never worked a day in my life.

We did leave Yuma in the Bellanca on January 5. Only 100 miles east we diverted for weather and made what was only our first of several precautionary landings because of unforecast weather, or freezing rain. We did that five times between Yuma and Coshocton, Ohio, and found ourselves touching lives in AZ, NM, TX, IL, IN and Ohio and ministering to people we had never met, and may never see again. Missionaries, mechanics, airport managers, a Sheriff, and taxi drivers were each objects of God’s moment. We laughed with, cried with, prayed for and laid hands on searching people with deep needs and broken hearts, in places we never intended to be. The steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord.

We got the plane to eastern Ohio on time, and flew to Mexico City on Continental Airlines. The Leadership Conference in Mexico City was incredibly happy and anointed. 19 sessions in 8 days, with 200 to 600 people in every session. I heard amazing and godly wisdom flowing like a river, and was fascinated hour by hour because it was coming out of my own mouth. I have never enjoyed ministry more. The 7,000 foot altitude and the bad air kept Carol in the hotel most days, but by the final Sunday she felt well enough to bring a tremendous message to a ladies’ group.

The annual inspection and recertification of the plane was done perfectly, and the weather on the way home was much better, but still occasioned a couple of ‘God Moments’ in TX and NM.

Last Tuesday I flew to San Felipe, Baja Mexico and taught three profound sessions for the 26 House Church Leaders and the feeding center Directors in Pastor Salvador and Diana’s Church. After a breakfast for Pastors on Wednesday morning, I flew home.

On Thursday I flew Pastor Scott Ferris to Lake Havasu City, AZ, where the Havasu Kiwanis Club donated a beautiful animal control vehicle to I CARE, Inc. We will donate that vehicle to Animal Control in San Luis, Sonora, Mexico to replace the one destroyed in a traffic accident. It’s so much fun to be a part of several communities, and to facilitate community service for others. The plane radio died on the way back to Yuma. I landed “No Radio”, called in the technicians, and I prayed to be able to pay the bill.

The world is in crisis; the Church is in Christ. Times are difficult for all of America. Missions have been very hard hit, and our bill basket, with a lot of unpaid bills is often the focus of our prayers. Never the less, there are many things we can do, and ways we can serve, even with very little money, and unpaid bills. The economy of The Kingdom is not tied to the economy of the nation. “The American Dream” and the “Dream of a Heart to Serve” are very different things. We are learning a lot, and praying for a significant financial miracle. 

Thank you for your love, for your prayers, and for your generosity. You empower us and enable us to stay focused and to take Christian Leaders toward their destiny. We will not fail them; and God will not fail His servants.

Fulfilling The Great Commission,

O. Ray Williams, D. D., Pres.
I CARE, Inc.


December 28, 2008

 The storm is raging. The night is dark. The waves come crashing upon us. We wonder which way is up. How could it possibly get worse? The fearful world in which we live is experiencing those very emotions at this moment.

 Suddenly we are startled by a man who appears oblivious to the circumstances. His voice rings through the storm. Did the storm actually acknowledge his voice? Or was it the storm inside us that gave heed to his voice? “Be still and know that I am The Lord.” “… my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth…let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” The storm around us suddenly ceases to matter, because the calm within us has displaced the storm. Let us focus upon the calm, not the storm.

 Since there is no weapon formed that shall be able to prosper against us, we choose to be a people of rejoicing confidence and joy, and leave the worrying to those who choose to do so.

 2008 has been a wonderful exciting whirlwind with tons of challenges, tons of trials and afflictions, AND tons of victories and memories. We are ready to allow 2008 to be history and reach toward the bright dawn of 2009. The joy and prosperity of 2009 will have nothing to do with politics or circumstances, but rather with what happens in our own hearts and minds.

 In late November I had the honor of being keynote speaker for the graduation of 13 students from the Spanish language Bible College in Salt Lake City . I also ministered the Sunday morning service and told how proud I am of them and their leadership. Eight or nine first time visitors came forward to receive Christ as Savior and Lord in that service.

 December was filled with special ministry on both sides of the border. The Churches are healthy, growing, incredibly filled with talent and love for people, and a love to serve the communities in which they are planted. The Kingdom is alive and well!

 We have just finished the seventh annual veterinary clinics in San Luis and El Golfo ,Mexico . Eight veterinarians from all over the U. S. and eight veterinary students fromAuburn University did 97 spay-neuter operations with an amazing joy and love toward those cities and their people. The Christmas celebrations and ministry in the Churches were so wonderful and so filled with the sweet presence of He who is the real Christmas. I could not have been more pleased! The favor and encouragement we experienced from both Municipal and Federal Officials was totally amazing! I am so honored to be a part of something that serves the people and honors God.

 On January 5 Carol and I will fire up the Bellanca (airplane), and make a stop inFort Worth , TX to see some dear friends and family. We will leave the airplane once again at MMS Aviation (Missionary Maintenance Services) in eastern Ohio for the required annual inspection and service. MMS is the finest aviation shop in America(my opinion) and has been incredibly generous toward our planes for more than 20 years. We are very blessed to be in their favor.

 We will fly commercial from Columbus , Ohio (via Houston ) to Mexico City for the 24th annual Ministry Leadership Conference. Those Churches were birthed after the horrendous earthquake of 1985 and have literally touched the world with the Word and the Spirit. Napoleon once said, “There are but two forces in the world; the sword and the Spirit; and the Spirit always conquers the sword.” So it has been, and when we are in the largest city in the world I feel like a proud father, watching the work that surpasses all our expectations of 24 years ago.

 What is even more amazing to me is that in our 60s now, the opportunity to be a part of the Kingdom is still so invigorating and energizing, I am a little shocked when I look into a mirror. May it never be any other way!

 Thank you for your incredibly generous help. Not only do we appreciate it far beyond expression, but at this point in history and economy, we have never needed it more. Living each day in anticipation of God’s faithfulness for that day is a total delight, and a little scary, even after more than 40 years. We have some large bills and expenses that only mercy and generosity can help us discharge. “He who began a good work… will be faithful to complete it in you…”

 Still fulfilling The Great Commission,


 O. Ray Williams. D. D. , Pres.


November 6, 2008

“My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” You know where that came from, and you know it is true. Why then, does our burden so often seem to be more than we can bear? When we add tomorrow’s burden upon today’s, our knees and our spirits become weak. God asks us to mind the day we have, and to trust Him for the day that is yet to come. Abundant life comes from savoring the moment and the day we have at hand.

 After more than 42 years of fulltime missionary ministry I still rise before the sun and delight in every new day. I don’t know what a real job would be like, but I really love the one I have. Trusting God for each day’s need is a really fun way to live.

 Here’s one of the reasons life is so much fun. This note (translated), which I received this week, is from one of the couples we discipled, ordained and sent out. “The Lord has been blessing the Church in spite of the current economy. Last Saturday we had an incredibly successful gathering of almost all the Churches in our city. Together we cried out to God for our nation and for our city. The extreme violence in our country, added to the world economic crisis means we  must call for divine favor, and be the agents of peace and blessing toward the land.. I believe it was a beginning and an awakening.”

 “The new mission we sent a team to establish is running about 80 people in recent weeks. Please go with us (300 kilometers) and help us inject the enthusiasm of your Church planting experience, since that is clearly where God is taking us.” (That is energizing to us!)

 The veterinary clinics and Christmas programs and filling up the schedule for November and December. We still need many more new toys.

 Carol and I will minister the graduation ceremony for the Spanish Language BibleCollege in Salt Lake City , and the Sunday morning services, just after Thanksgiving. We are so proud of Pastor Bernardo and his family and leaders.

 In early January Carol will join me for the 23rd annual leadership conference in Mexico City . The success of those Churches is totally amazing. We will fly the Bellanca to Missionary Maintenance Services (MMS Aviation) for its required annual inspection, and fly commercial from Columbus , OH to Mexico City and back. The trip is expensive, but MMS’ work is perfect and generous, and we have a total sense of safety after they have serviced and prayed over the plane.

 Your generosity keeps us going. Your prayers keep us encouraged and keep doors open before us. You are as much a part as we are, and we cannot continue without you.

 Fulfilling The Great Commission,

 Ray and Carol Williams

September 8, 2008

During this hot, humid summer, with a cold, slow economy, we have learned a lesson that we had almost forgotten. It came as a word from a small, unpublished pamphlet handed me in late spring. “There will never be enough time, energy and inspiration to do all the things I want to do, all that others want us to do, and all that God wants us to do.  BUT, there will always be enough time, energy and inspiration to accomplish the things that God wants us to do.” About mid-summer, on a 114 degree day, with a long list of things to do and bills to pay, and a checking account that said, “I wish I could help!” It suddenly sunk into my spirit. ‘It is not God who is putting on the pressure. It is people, and imperfect theology.’ God is not asking to be impressed; He  asks to be worshipped. The rest of the summer has become a fun, delightful time of service and fellowship.

This summer we have been in almost every state of the western U S and northern Mexico. We have done lots of preaching, teaching and discipling. Many souls have been born into the Kingdom. Amazing growth has come into the lives of some of the people we touch. I have officiated some beautiful weddings. This summer we have given tons of food and drink to the hungry, and tons of building materials to energetic pastors and missionaries, and a lot of medical supplies and equipment; All of it from a warehouse without electricity or running water.

The ambulance is in Vizcaino and serving a people who came very close to having no emergency services at all.  (See new pictures of the ambulance on the ICARE at work page.)

As the summer winds down, and the evening temperatures begin to diminish, our energy levels are on the rise. There are many conferences and seminars to teach in Latin America in the next few months, and medical and veterinary clinics to fund and organize. One of our principal donors of toys sold his business, so that supply has gone away. We need to find a way to replace those 1,000 new toys this year.

I never cease to be amazed and grateful at the trust and confidence you continue to have towards us, our calling and our love to serve. That is always shown by your generosity toward us. God’s faithfulness is seen through your own. Thank you!

We are honored to serve.

Ray and Carol Williams

May 14, 2008

Is it because there is more to do than ever before? Or is it because I’m getting old and slow? Because we don’t have enough help? Someday I’ll get those questions sorted out. Meanwhile there continue to be more demands than energy, and more opportunities to serve than time to walk through all the open doors.

I love what the Scriptures say in Proverbs 10, “The fear of the Lord prolongs the days of man.” And, “The hope of the righteous shall be gladness.” That offers an explanation for the fact that I am immensely enjoying life, laughing more; and cannot find any reason to back away from both calling and opportunity.

The ambulance we talked about in the last letter is sitting in our driveway, in the process of importation for use in Vizcaino (Baja). The 5,000 lbs of canned goods flew out the door of the warehouse, and Travis Caywood (Rick Caywood Min.) brought us 38,000 lbs more, giving us opportunity to share with several other ministries, and feed hundreds of hungry little children. 44,000 lbs are coming next week. I am praying the Lord will help us pay for the diesel fuel for that load, so Travis will be able to get home

Last week three complete dental modules left our warehouse and crossed the border into Mexico where Jerusalem Evangelical Ministries ( Alberta , CAN) is building a clinic. The 25 tons of building materials are down to a few tons now, but they have built several homes and churches in Mexico . The hospital beds in the warehouse are asking to be delivered to Mexico as well. The beds may have to wait a while. A load of toys for children is in the 23 foot box trailer, waiting to be unloaded..

The National Day of Prayer (May 1) had a new component this year. A prayer flight with a Christian pilot and a prayer team was launched over the Capital city of every state of the U. S.  I was honored to be chosen to fly the 2008 AZ flight and choose the prayer team. Rev. Billy Britain and Rev. David Power were powerful airborne prayer warriors.

We just received an email yesterday from one of our “little kids” from Mexicali (who is now a big, wise, anointed Pastor-Leader-Teacher further down the Peninsula ). What amazing success, vision and fruit! When we have opportunity we’ll translate and share that letter. Their churches and their disciples have multiplied and exploded.

Last month I promised I would share a bit about Utah . We continue to move forward, and have some important business, educational and governmental agreements and relationships in place. We now have 12 60’ doublewide mobiles on the way to the ranch. We have enough steel for a 25’ by 100’ building, a new machine to manufacture our own concrete block for our buildings (courtesy of Colibri Block Machines), and the use of a farm tractor to begin to put down crops. A Utaharchitect has offered to create plans for our construction projects. We will still need a well, a dump truck, a backhoe, a concrete mixer, and of course, a ton of cash. A seed company executive has grabbed the vision and shared immense energy, knowledge and confidence with us. I continue to believe that we really can change the face and effect of incarceration in the United States .

 Carol is feeling better and has more strength and more smiles than at any time in the last few years. Your prayers have been powerful and effective.

 This summer has a lot of ministry on the schedule including leadership training seminars in a few Mexican Churches, encouraging the Churches in Baja and Sonora, a couple of medical clinics in Mexico, filling for a couple of vacationing Pastors in Yuma, and a grand daughter’s wedding in Washington.

 May grace (God’s desire to flood your life with joy and provision) fill your life today. We give very happy thanks every time we remember you, your love, your faithfulness, and your sacrifices for us. May God multiply His care for you, as you have done for us.

 Please know that we love you.


 O. Ray Williams, Pres.

I Care, Inc.

February 13, 2008

 “And it came to pass, that when all our enemies heard thereof, …. and saw these things…. They perceived that this work was wrought by our God.” Neh. 6:16

 Nehemiah was thoroughly fascinated with the things God was doing for his people. Even his critics were totally convinced that it was God, far beyond the ability of man.

 Life, schedules and ministry have been far more demanding than our strength can handle. When Caleb was 85 years old he said to Joshua: “The Lord has kept me alive. I wholly followed the Lord my God. As my strength was then, even so is my strength now.” We have somehow sensed that extraordinary strength from Above, and are just as amazed as Caleb and Nehemiah.

 On our way to Mexico City Robert Fitts and I landed in Fort Worth and spent a couple of delightful days in fellowship and ministry among his House Church disciples and with my cousin, Gene Williams. We also landed in Hamilton, OH, near Cincinnati and spent time with Tim and Kristen MacDonald, (Pastor, Missionary and business people) who are deeply involved in the transformation of their city. They have purchased a 60 room Civil War complex where a great deal of Kingdom labor will be done in the coming years! Robert and I had opportunity to tour and pray over that amazing complex, that historic city and that wonderful couple.

 Before flying from Columbus , OH to Mexico City we left the plane at RobertDowning Airport in Coshocton , OH for 10 days where the world’s most skilled and gifted aviation mechanics lovingly ministered to the airplane and to us. We were blessed by their immense love, generosity and prayer for us and for the plane. May Heaven smile abundantly upon MMS Aviation, and CEO, Dwight Jarboe!

 In the Churches of Mexico City Pastor Cesar Rodriguez, his staff and our entire team from Hawaii , Arizona , California and Utah flowed like a sweet river and ministered life with a joy and hope that will never be forgotten. They have all grown incredibly, matured, built beautiful buildings, and sent pastors and missionaries far and wide. We did 25 services in 8 days, each one unique, each one powerful, and each one fruitful. Robert did four two hour training sessions to prepare six teams who are now in the Mother Church, each 2 hours one day per week, doing what they are calling, “Divine Healing Clinics.” Last Sunday two entire unrelated families who came off the street to be ministered to during the daily clinic, came forward to receive Christ as Savior; then asked that their children be dedicated to Christ, then and there. Carol and I will be back there in late March for the annual Easter week ministry.

 Since arriving home the days have been filled with ministry, an ordination service for two new Pastors, a good bit of time in hospital visitation, a memorial service for our long time colleague, Sarah Rowe, a required FAA flight review, and a couple of days in the San Diego area as Carol and I celebrated our 45th anniversary.

 While I was away our daughter Jamie flew to Yuma and our son Steve took a few days off work. Together with Carol and a couple of friends they remodeled our kitchen and the master bedroom and bath. It is spectacular! They did a fantastic job, and caught me by surprise. I walked in the door and thought I was in the wrong house!

 Next week we will go to northern CA to retrieve an ambulance donated by Assist International, (arranged by Bob Arrington) and 5,000 lbs of donated canned goods from Healthy Harvest (arranged by Rick Caywood/Chihuahua Connection.) It’s good to have godly friends.

 Your powerful and faithful prayer and generosity, joined to God’s calling and faithfulness, have created an extraordinary strength and excitement which causes even our enemies to say; “This is a work that has been wrought by the Lord!”

 Thank you.    IN CHRIST,

 O. Ray Williams, D. D. Pres.